Revocation of the Birth Certificate

This is my first Blog for CampaignforLibertyToday I thought a good place to start would be with the revocation of the Birth Certificate.  I think that if more people knew about this information, we as good Americans could take back our country from the criminal cooperate  Banksters.  With the truth and the Laws on our side we as Patriotic American who knowing and following the true laws of the Land!  So I give you the key to freedom its knowledge and knowledge is power!  Do with it what you must to set your self free!

Revocation of Birth Certificate

Certified Mail:

Return receipt requested

Parents name’s  Father: Mother:



Recission of Contract and Revocation of Power Asservation

We, and ,  freeborn Christian

Americans by birth, and parents of , born in the county of

, in state usA, on the day

of  , in the year of our Messiah nineteen hundred ninetyfive, subject to the

laws of Nature and Nature’s God, do hereby state the following to be true and correct

to the best of our knowledge and ability:

1. That this document has been prepared, witnessed and filed because the State of

holds the position that there are no statutory provisions to recind a birth

certificate, nor any trust or contractual obligations derived therefrom, and because there is no

remedy available at law by which we can declare and enforce the right of our child to be free

from State enfranchisement and benefits or losses derived therefrom.

2. That when our child was born, we were under the misconception that we had to secure

a certificate of birth in behalf of our child, and obtained the same.

3. That we were not aware that in common law, births were to be recorded in the family Bible

as lawful documentation, and only deaths were a matter of public record.

4. That we were not aware that any certificates required by statute to be made by officers

may be used as evidence, and threfore they were acquiescing to State requirements which

violate our childs right to privacy and the 4th Amendment protection under the constitution

for the United States, as the birth certificate is the record of the State, not the Citizen, and the

State may be compelled to produce said record without my permission.

5. That such practices are deceitful misrepresntations by the State and society  on the

recording of births, and we were not aware that a birth certificate  was unnecessary, nor that

we were possibly waiving some of our child’s rights.

6. That the doctor who delivered our child acted as a licensed agent of the State without

our consent, and offered our child into State trust to be regulated as other State and

corporate interests and property as a result of the offer and acceptance, which comprises

a friction of law under statutory law. (referred to as contracts of adhesion)

7.That from our religious training and convictions we have determined that the right to be

born comes from the Creator (who knew our child before he/she existed) and not the

State, and therefore the original jurisdiction upon our child’s behavior requiring a specific

performance comes from his personal relationship with his/her God and Creator, unless

said performance causes a damage or injury to another natural person.

8. That after studying the birth certificate issue we have come to conclude that the birth

certificate creates a legal estate in itself and acts as a nexus to bring actions against this

natural person as if he were a corporate entity. The State uses the birth certificate to assume

jurisdiction over areas of our childs life that are in direct conflict with his/her God given,

constitutionaly guaranteed, unalienable rights.

9. That such statutory provisions cause a loss or dimunition of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th,

7th, and 9th Amendment rights.

10. That as a result of our studies our ignorance has come to end and we have

reclaimed the Birth Right of our child and have declaired as Sovereign American Citizens

originating from our Creator, YAHWAH God. Therefore it is necessary that we declare his/her

nexus by the State as a result of the birth certificate and any jurisdiction or other rights that

may have been waived as a result of the birth certificate to be null and void due to deceit, fraud,

and incapacity perpetuated upon us and our child by the State, the third party to the

marriage contract.

11. This notice of revocation is also based upon our rights with respect to constuctive fraud

and misrepresentation as established in, but no limit to, the case of Tyler v. Secretary of State,

184 A2d 101 (1962) and also El pasoNatural Gas Co. v. Kysar Insurance Co., 605 Pacific 2d 240

(1979) , which stated ” Constructive fraud as well as actual fraud may be the basis of cancellation

of an instrament”. As  Sovereign American Citizens who are not a creation of the State, nor subject

to the State’s laws in admiralty, maritime or equity  jurisdiction, hereby reclaim our childs

unalienable rights granted by his Creator.

Pursuant to 28 USC 1746(I) and executed “without the United States ,” I affirm under penalty of

perjury under the laws of the United Strates of America that the foregoing is true and correct, to the

best of my belief and knowledge. Further This Affaint Saith Not.

We hereby affix our own signature with explicit reservation of ALL our unalienable rights and

without prejudice to any of those rights (U.C.C.1-207).

Father: Mother:

Notary of the public

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